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More than 42 million Americans live in areas controlled by associations, condominiums, homeowners or cooperatives. Despite this, neighborhoods, communities and other areas governed by associations find that finding qualified, personalize legal attention difficult.

The Fort Lauderdale community association attorneys at Edward F. Holodak, P.A. bring more than 45 years of extensive experience working with property management companies and representing the legal interests of condominium, cooperative and homeowners associations throughout South Florida, including Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood, Coral Springs, Hallandale, Plantation, Davie and Fort Pierce. We recognize and understand the critical interaction and roles at play between the Board of Directors at an association and a property management company.

Our team is highly effective working with property managers or directly with the Board of Directors to achieve successful outcomes negotiating and collecting from delinquent homeowners. We bring a level of service and dedication to successfully resolving issues with owners from delinquencies and foreclosure actions to tenant evictions and declaration enforcement.

Our law firm believes it is essential to provide both the property manager and board of directors with timely responses. Our Fort Lauderdale HOA attorneys take pride in our efforts to provide the necessary attention to detail in all legal matters. Given the complexities and annual changes related to the laws governing HOA and Condominium associations, it's important to retain a law firm well versed in all aspects of the law to ensure all your rights are protected.

Working directly with the Board of Directors or the property management company, our team coordinates the process of notifying owners during the course of the collections process. When notified of a past due situation, our Fort Lauderdale community association law attorneys immediately communicate the past due assessments and late fees directly to the owner in compliance with the Florida law. It is critical during the collection process to follow all legal requirements while notifying homeowners of the initial debt collection, recording claim of liens, and whenever necessary filing the complaint of foreclosure with the Court.

Some of our Homeowner's Association Clients

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  • Brentwood Condominium
  • Coral Springs Gardens
  • East Lakes in Pembroke Pines
  • Fountainhead Condominium
  • Foxglove
  • Imperial Towers
  • Inlet House Condominium
  • Inverrary Resort Hotel Condominium
  • Lake Whitney Business Park
  • Marsh Landing at the Preserves
  • Meadowbrook Lakes
  • North Panther Trace
  • Pembroke Shores
  • Place des Arts
  • Preserves at the Savanahs
  • Spring Valley Phase I
  • Stirling Park
  • Stuart West
  • Tallwood East
  • Tallwood North
  • Towne Apartments
  • Village at Lake Pines II

  • Associations in Florida are responsible for managing a community's operations including the finances, maintenance of common areas, contract negotiations, and management of vendors. Furthermore, they have the legal responsibility to enforce the governing documents outlining the rules and regulations of the community as stated by Florida law (Statutes Chapter 607, Chapter 617, Chapter 718, 719 and Chapter 720). Our Fort Lauderdale HOA lawyers bring practical legal experience representing and protecting the rights and interests of homeowners, cooperative and condominium associations.

    A truly effective HOA is there to ensure each property owner meets their responsibility to the community by submitting timely payments of maintenance fees, special assessments and when necessary, late fees. Paying the financial obligation due to the association enables each homeowner to realize and enjoy the benefits of living within a well run and maintained community.

    Following proper procedures is critical to achieving the desired outcome while enforcing the governing documents of an association. When notified of an issue with a specific homeowner, our firm facilitates the communication of the alleged violations to the homeowner. The communication always includes the necessary documentation identifying the specific rules or regulations in dispute while offering the homeowner specific steps to correct the violation.

    The homeowners association attorneys at our Fort Lauderdale firm work closely with property management companies providing guidance and assistance managing delinquent owners including:

    1. Collection of delinquent assessments
    2. Enforcing rules and regulations of the association
    3. Litigation against the developer, unit or parcel owners, contractors, or vendors
    4. Arbitration actions
    5. Representation before the Department of Business and Professional Regulation ("DBPR")
    6. Legal opinions related to governing documents, Florida HOA laws and Federal debt collections practices
    7. Legal representation for the association's business

    Unfortunately, there are times when the association and homeowner cannot amicably resolve their differences. The HOA attorneys and operational support team in the collections department at our firm are well versed in effectively managing the foreclosure process. On behalf of the association our collection services include; demand letters to the homeowner notifying them of their debt; filing claims of lien and preparing lien letters; negotiating payment plans; instituting foreclosure actions with the courts, and handling the online foreclosure auction after winning a summary judgment.

    Let Attorney Edward F. Holodak Help Your Community

    We work with Board members as well as the proper management companies retained by the association. Our portfolio of services is designed to help associations effectively and efficiently manage the business of their respective communities. These services include:

    • legal advice regarding corporate governance
    • review and amending governing documents
    • filing and recording changes to a Declaration
    • collection of delinquent assessments
    • enforcement of Association rules and regulations
    • contract review and negotiations
    • providing legal opinions whenever requested
    • a thorough understanding of State and County recording and filings systems
    • recommendations on when to file for foreclosure on a homeowner
    • managing the legal process of foreclosure with the Court
    • establishing guidelines on when to refer a delinquent homeowner to collections
    • effectively managing the notification process when considering filing a claim of lien
    • recording claim of liens
    • regularly assisting with the preparation of packages for annual meetings
    • review of voting certificates for elections
    • review of detailed agendas and community elements up for vote
    • review of Voting instructions to ensure a homeowners vote counts
    • letters to homeowners providing detailed agendas
    • identifying and documenting specific items up for a vote
    • certificates for special voting considerations Corporate or legal entity ownership
    • limited proxies to appoint another individual to attend and vote for an absent homeowner

    • The clients who retain the legal services of our law firm range from extensive master associations and country club/golf communities to high-rise ocean front properties, condominiums and individual low-rise townhomes. The diversity of our portfolio has given us a very broad range of experience assisting our clients with innovative legal solutions. We take personal pride in the quality of services we bring to each of our Associations and believe it is vital to have a vested interest in the successful management of the day to day operations of an Association.

      Whenever a new association retains the legal services of Edward F. Holodak, P.A., you can rest assured our homeowner association lawyers will conduct a comprehensive review of your organization. We thoroughly analyze the governing documents of an association and compared them to current Florida laws, and the administrative rules and regulations governing associations for compliance. Should any issues or discrepancies arise, we provide the association's Board and property management company with a legal opinion and plan of action to resolve the situation and ensure compliance in the future.

      If you are a property management company or a Board member seeking to substantially improve the legal representation of a homeowner, condominium, or cooperative association, call the lawyers at Edward F. Holodak, P.A. Our Fort Lauderdale HOA attorneys are available to meet at your convenience. To arrange a free consultation call us now. We are ready to serve your needs!

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