Commercial Litigation Lawyers in Fort Lauderdale and Hollywood FL

Disputes between businesses, a business and its customers, employers and employees or an individual and a business can be stressful and those involved in disputes are often left searching for ways to resolve their conflict quickly and effectively. In South Florida, including the cities of Hollywood, Davie, Fort Lauderdale and Port St. Lucie, it makes sense to consult with reputable and successful business litigation attorneys to resolve disputes. The lawyers at Edward F. Holodak, P.A. have over 53 years of experience and knowledge to advise and represent you in your business litigation case.

Litigation Against Another Business

Commercial litigation is a legal action that revolves around conflicts relating to a business, businesses or commercial enterprises whether they are for profit or not-for-profit entities. Business litigation is separate from general business law because business litigation is focused solely on court room conflicts that occur between businesses, and in some cases between businesses and individuals or employees. There are a number of situations that call for an experienced litigation attorney, including, but not limited to:

  • breach of contract
  • breach of warranty
  • business partnership disputes
  • commercial real estate disputes
  • landlord/Tenant disputes
  • breach of fiduciary duty
  • commercial collections
  • tortious interference with business
  • residential real estate disputes

If you or your company is involved in a dispute with a business, a lawyer with litigation experience for businesses can help ensure the process goes smoothly and matters are handled correctly, effectively and efficiently. It is our goal to get you the most favorable outcome at the lowest possible cost.

How it Works in Fort Lauderdale

Although each litigation case presents its own unique facts and circumstances, there are general similarities between most cases. For example, although commercial litigation encompasses a wide number of suits filed every year, very few ever proceed all the way to a civil trial or end due to a court room verdict. The majority of commercial litigation suits never progress to the trial phase because opponents are able to come to an agreement by mediation or arbitration, avoiding the cost and time involved in litigation. Although many of these cases never reach the courts, an experienced business lawyer remains critical to bringing about a resolution of a dispute, and is essential in suits when counsel represents the opposing side. Trying to handle the complex world of commercial litigation on your own is almost never a wise business decision.

Hollywood Real Estate Disputes

Whether you are part of a real estate transaction as a buyer or seller of property, often the process leads to litigation. Disputes often arise over one side's performance or lack thereof of a purchase and sale contract. In other circumstances, disputes arise over the property not being what the seller represented it to be or the buyer deciding that he or she will not close on the transaction. In any of these cases, hiring an experienced real estate litigation attorney is essential to protecting your rights. Real estate litigation whether commercial or residential is a part of business litigation.